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Vibes Kit with Tea & Black Tourmaline Crystal

The ultimate protection pack because it's all about GOOD VIBES!

I created this spiritual kit for you because this is a great tool for beginners, and also experts! This combination kit is powerful for grounding, protecting your energy, and turning it into positive vibes! Making this so simple, anyone can meditate and start their spiritual path with pure intentions to the universe. In order to fully have the experience, being in a calm state will help you feel much lighter in the process. Who doesn't want to protect their energy from toxic, draining, and low vibrations that don't serve you? Have some tea, relax, meditate. Repeat.

How to use your kit: First, turn on your tea light, sage your space (make sure you open your windows to let out negative energies), drink your tea, hold your crystal in your left hand and meditate in silence or with soothing meditation music. Instructions come in all kits including how to meditate.

What’s Inside Your Kit

Black Tourmaline (black) - Protection & Transmutes Energy
Black Tourmaline is a stone that does it all. Do not let the dark look deceive you! it is a reflective stone, protecting you physically & vibrationally. It transforms dense energy into a lighter alignment for optimal vibrational results. Not only are your chakras protected, it blocks EMF frequencies as well! Black Tourmaline MUST be carried on your left side, energies enter faster and stronger. In order to be protected and for this crystal to be used at its best potential. I like to tape Black Tourmaline on the left side of my ribs. If this stone breaks, or disappears, I know that I was being protected and this crystal did its job. This is not a negative thing, stones are meant to protect us. The highest vibration possible is a necessity in order to reach a level of consciousness that we need to be filled with love, protection, and alignment. If this happens, bury Black Tourmaline into the earth, thank the universe for shielding you in the time of usage. My recommendation is to purchase Black Tourmaline and continue using until it STOPS breaking. This is how you know you've reached the level of protection needed for you to vibrate in super-consciousness.

Palo Santo: Eliminates negative energy, creating a calmer, tranquil space. Raises your vibration, reduces stress, anxiety, gives mental clarity. Burn with your windows open to release unwanted energy. Burn once a day.

Dragon Blood Sage: Adds power to your rituals, for healing, draws wisdom, drives away bad spirits/bad feelings/negativity, attracts love. It also protect you from any foreign airborne radicals due to its antioxidant contents. Burn with your windows open to release unwanted energy. Burn once a day, if desired.

White Tea Light Candle: To achieve peace and harmony - a symbol of purity and light. Great for spiritual cleansing and protection of the mind and body. Burn your candle 5 minutes before you start meditating, gently blow the candle out when done.

A 20 Day Supply of Calming Tea: For thousands of years tea has been known to be connected to your energy, energy that keeps you balanced and grounded. Many master healers from around the world use tea in their spiritual practices. “Calming Tea” removes tension, gives mental clarity in order for you achieve higher thinking, sparks high intuition, excellent for healing. Drink when you feel unbalanced.

Tea flavor, hibiscus mint. Caffeine free, vegan, organic, and zero carbs.